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CMSP Instructors are trained based on instructor staffing needs statewide. An individual demonstrate proficiency, reliability, commitment and ethics commensurate with the standards set by the California Motorcyclist Safety Program and the training site.

Most sites require anyone seeking sponsorship to first observe a CMSP MTC class. Instructor Candidates will support Certified Instructors in duties, including preparing the range for class, setting up range exercises and other non-instructional duties. Familiarization with exercises, path of travel for each exercise, and observing instructors demonstrating exercises and techniques are all integral parts of the development of an applicant.

Additional information about becoming a CMSP-Certified Instructor

Successful graduates receive California Certification to conduct the CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC) and/or 1-Day Premier Course (1DPC) for any business with an executed Technology License Agreement (TLA) from Total Control Training, Inc. It does not allow Instructors to teach classes independently or at ranges that are not listed on the employer’s TLA.

About the Instructor Training

The Instructor Training (IT) is an intensive 7-day, 60-hour training course that must be completed for consideration. Additional requirements:

  • CMSP Instructor Application including notification of Sponsorship from a current CMSP training site.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Submission for CMSP-specific background check (DOJ and FBI)—click here to obtain a Live Scan form.
  • Minimum of 12,000 miles of riding experience (24,000 miles preferred).
  • Possess a high school diploma or a G.E.D.
  • Operate a street-legal motorcycle and operate it on a regular basis.
  • Must be a licensed driver for a minimum of 5 years and have a current motorcycle endorsement.
  • Non-refundable $695 (price subject to change) fee due with no guarantee of successful completion.
Requirements to be completed prior to MTC Instructor Training:
  • Complete the CMSP MTC as a student within 12 months, prior to the IT.
  • Complete a Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic (IRC) or Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (ARC) as a student.
  • Observe a minimum of 1 complete MTC class (from start to finish) and complete a written assignment based on your observation of the class.
  • Candidates must read Total Control High Performance Riding Techniques, 2nd edition and complete a written assignment based on the ideas and concepts presented.
  • Candidates must complete the homework assignments and submit them 2 weeks prior to the Instructor Training.
  • Operate a street-legal motorcycle on a regular basis.
Requirements to be completed prior to teaching in the CMSP Program:
  • Complete a hands on first aid and CPR training course.
  • Read and understand the Policies & Procedure (P&P) with a signature indicating verification.
  • Instructors are permitted to work at multiple sites and cannot be prohibited by contract or otherwise to only working at one site or location.
  • Operate a street-legal motorcycle on a regular basis.
Upon certification, MTC Instructors must meet the following requirements to maintain CMSP recognition:
  • Must attend the annual Professional Development Workshop (PDW).
  • Must teach a minimum of 2 courses per year, with a total minimum of 5 courses per certification period.
  • Participate in a minimum of 1 personal learning activity as a student per certification period. The activity shall improve the abilities of the Instructor, either riding or teaching abilities.
  • Instructor shall avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest between CMSP, TCTI, and other business interests.
  • Instructor shall comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct and CMSP Policies and Procedures of a CMSP Instructor.
  • Operate a street-legal motorcycle on a regular basis.