This Page Could Save Your Life

Before getting on your bike, does it ever cross your mind that you might never see your loved ones again? Or that a moment of fun while riding could have dreadful consequences? Because you're not just risking a DUI or a fine, you're putting your life on the line.

Every year, thousands of motorcyclists die because they ride under the influence. The statistics are alarming, and they're not getting better. They're getting worse.1

It's Not Just About Alcohol Anymore

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You may already know that riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol is dangerous, but did you know that it's not just alcohol that impairs your ability to ride safely? Riding under the influence of cannabis, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and illegal drugs can also be just as unsafe, if not more so.

Many people think cannabis is safer than alcohol. Still, studies have shown that riding a vehicle under the influence of cannabis can double your risk of being involved in a crash.2 Prescription drugs, such as opioids and benzodiazepines, can also impair your judgment and reaction time, making you more likely to be involved in an accident. Even over-the-counter medications, such as cold and flu remedies, can cause drowsiness or other side effects impairing your ability to ride safely. 3

Illegal drugs, such as cocaine or methamphetamine, can even more severely affect your ability to ride safely. These drugs can cause hallucinations, paranoia and other symptoms that can put you and others on the road at a greater risk.4

We encourage you to think twice before getting on your motorcycle while under the influence of any substance — legal or not.

Ride Together, Stay Sober Together.

If you have friends and family who ride motorcycles, encourage them to stay sober and ride right. Talk to your loved ones about the dangers of riding under the influence and urge them to take responsibility for their safety and everyone else on the road.

You can also encourage them to take a riding safety course or attend a motorcycle awareness event. These resources can help them become better riders and increase their awareness of motorcycle riding risks to make California's roads safer for everyone.

Don't Let One Mistake Take Your Life

Remember, you still have so much to see and experience while riding. Don't let a reckless decision be the end of your journey. Instead, stay sober and respect road rules to ensure your next ride isn't your last.